Radio Ministry

Through IMA’s LIVE radio broadcasting program, “Rejoicing with Thanksgiving”, the Gospel message is preached so that shut‐ins and the home‐bound may hear the message of the love of Christ. IMA is committed in preaching the gospel to those who otherwise may never hear about our Savior. Our radio program also shares our commitment and emphasis on the importance of intercessory prayer by taking LIVE prayer requests during the Call‐In segment of the program. IMA sponsors the program to provide free KCBN radio receivers to shut‐ins, patients in hospitals, and nursing homes. This broadcast program shares true stories of real people who have overcome their handicapped disability as well as their personal testimonies of faith.

“Rejoicing with Thanksgiving”, is hosted by IMA’s executive director, Sun Sook Lim. The program is among KCBN’s highest rated and most popular programs and reaches many listeners in our area.


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