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Dear Organising Committee


We are lookiing forward with great anticipation to our visit to New York next month and to participating in the concert on the 13th November and are grateful for the invitation. We have for a long time felt a bond with our Korean brothers and sisters in Christ. We are grateful to God for this connection between our nations which originated over 150 years ago. We live and worship in Llanclli, West Walse, the same town as Robert Jermain Thomas lived and worshiped and over the past four years we have been blessed to enjoy fellowship with many Korean friends who attend our church and work in the mission field in Wales.


Over years a number of missionaries from Wales have served in Korea, including Rev. John Thomas, born near the village of Llanllawddong in Carmarthenshire (in Korea 1910 to 1939) and John Lewis from Lleyn Peninsula who went out under the auspices of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship in 1974 for a four year period.


2004 saw the centenary celebrations of the Great Welsh revival of 1904 and in the run-up to the commemoration of this historic event we formed an organisation in order to produce a film documentary telling the story of how God blessed our small but great nation of Wales by adding 100,000 people to the church in just a few months. This revival reached out to many partsof the world with the good news of gospel of Jesus Christ. By producing a film documentary and two books about the story of Evan Robertsand the Welsh Revival, our team sought not only to paint an accurate picture of the past but to encourage Christians, world wide to pray and work towards a renewal of Gods work in our generation, Kevin Adams, author and speaker, Huw Priday, operatic and concert singer, Tony Waters, film produce, Emyr Jones, co-author and technician, Paul Griffiths UK co-ordinator and Dr. Steve Price, retired physician and co-ordinator of USA operations form the team that regularly undertakes programmes of live events, TV radio and press interviews both in the United Kingdom and the USA. Media interest has kept the team busy and has enabled them to reach tens of thousands of people with the Christian messenger. Whilst researching the material for the film we started to read accounts of other great revivals that had taken place and were once again reminded of how God has used and blessed our nation of Wales for over 1000 years. It was during this time that we started to look in depth at the story of Robert Jermain Thomas. We were fascinated to read about how God used this young Welshman to lay the foundation for the revival that was to come to South Korea in 1907. The 1904-05 revival in Wales also influenced Korea. Hearing of the revival in Wales in 1905 through Welsh Presbyterian missionaries in India, some Korean Christians and American missionaries began to pray earnestly for revival in Korea; this occurred in 1905 and especially in 1907.


In anticipation of the 2007 Centenary celebrations we are currently working on the translation of our film and book "A Diary of Revival" into Korean and are working closely with publishers to make this happen. We are also working on a film documentary about the impact of Robert Jermain Thomas' life on the spiritual life of the ourbreak of revival in Pyong Yang in 1907 in spirt of the opposition from the governing power of the time.

We are grateful for this opportunity to once again, strengthen the bonds of Christian with you for this event and pray that the Lord will bless our combined efforts to share His love with a needy world.


God bless you


Your brother and servant in Christ.


Huw Priday.


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