IMA has opened and fully supports the Rehabilitation Research Center in Yanji, China. Vocational training for the handicapped is a very important part of IMD’s educational programs. IMD’s art class has already produced three well‐known disabled artists. Piano tuning and sewing skills are very practical for acquiring a job. The house of the handicapped in Jillin City, China is also supported by the IMA.


China’s mission goals are crippled by the lack of missionaries, Christian educators, and preachers that are available within the community. For this reason, IMA Supports those individuals who intend to work in China to help out the community. China has 10,000‐25,000 new converts every day, even under the restrictions of the Communist government. The Communist government of China has strict policies on the idea of religious freedom. We had announced this reality check of China’s strict religious freedom policy through IMM‐TV. The China missionaries who had interviewed with IMM‐TV went immediately to support the need of China’s missions.


Chinese children give thanks for their children's Bibles and Sunday School materials

Christians attend a Bible class in a rural Chinese cave church

Children care center founded by IMA Inc.



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