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Missionary Sung Duck, Jo ministers to the disabled. She educates the visually impaired at the dormitory. She also provides the preschool education, and manages the mission center. She administers rainbow school for the blind.



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"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earthe" (Genesis 9:13)



The Rainbow school for the blind is a school for children with special needs in education and individuals with visual impairments. In the school are also some multi‐handicapped visually impaired children: children who are blind and with other additional handicapping conditions such as physical or deafness.

The reverse integration (inviting children with sight to learn together with the learners with visual impairments, as opposed to the traditional practice that children with special needs get accommodated into regular schools for children with sight), has enriched the experiences of both the handicapped and non‐handicapped children in the school.

The Rainbow school for the blind offers the Kenyan designed qualitative equal curriculum to its learners, because Somalia has not been able to have a centralized curriculum due to lack of a Somalia government structures and inconsistent security. Assessment instruments (examination papers) and grading procedures are also needed and were based on the standardized Kenyan education standards.

The Rainbow on the school's logo represents the biblical figure of Noah and how God spoke the message to the man on destruction. Thus, the school wishes to bring in happiness, life, and hope to all the children in the school. The children who are in despair, deprived, or neglected should be given hope. Children who are in this area of darkness due to blindness should realize that God created light for the world. These individuals should not give up because there is still hope.

The greatest teaching and learning curve the school faces is the narrowing gap between the blind people and the individuals who have the gift of sight. We know these are the same challenges that make parents of children with blindness feel at a loss and not knowing how to communicate with their blind children is a tough challenge that they must face. However, since people who are blind can tough the objects with their fingers what sighted people see with their eyes, by knowing how to read and write in Braille will make the dreams of most blind children become a reality.

 Subsequently if reading and writing in Braille can give blind people the information sighted get through use of their sight, then the Rainbow school for the blind endeavors to be a miracle sight giver to all the blind people in Merka, Somalia. We believe the relatives and parents of the Rainbow school for the blind children will now find it easier to communicate with their blind children at homes and that their blind children find it easier to communicate with their parents and seeing playmates as well.

 Rainbow School for the blind teachers is proud of their achievement. This is an achievement you can be part of. The school is only able to perform these miracles because of your contribution in prayers and material support. Pray and support Rainbow for the blind more to enable it reach and perform more life transforming miracles to many girls and boys who are blind and still in the darkening, depressing physical blindness. We greatly count on you.

With our sincerest regards in GOD’S CARE.



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