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I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him with a great supporting cast at the International Missions Association. I believe every Christian must serve the Lord and seek His divine will. Especially in a mission field, it is imperative to seek His way to reach out even to the uttermost end of the world.


“I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language can come and worship our Lord.” (Rev 7:9)


There are many missionaries as of this moment that are sowing and planting the seeds of the Gospel, despite their hardships and adversity. It is up to us to aid those field missions by utilizing all resources whether it is domestic or international. These resources include modern technologies, finances, human resources, and the idea of breaking down barriers.


As the President of International Mission Overseas, I humbly ask you for your support and together we can accomplish monumental tasks as we work hand in hand. We will faithfully fulfill our responsibilities to our global partners and help establish, develop, and enhance their quality of life.

I would like to thank each and every one of our supporting groups for this opportunity. I am looking forward on working together to accomplish our goals.


Africa Mission
IMA sponsors ministries at Tanzania, Kenya,
Somalia, Ivory Coast in Africa.

China Mission
IMA has opened and fully supports the Rehabilitation Research Center in Yanju, China.

Peru Mission
IMA support Peruvian people with disable with wheechairs.

Philippines Mission
IMA sposors missionaries, Tae Gil  & Wha Jin Lee who minister to the blind in Philippines.


IMA Inc. evangelizes people who are living in Communist Bloc countries, as well as underdeveloped ones. In 1992, we dispatched missionary Jung Sook Kim to China, and then missionaries Yoon Kul and Sung Soon Kim to Russia. Also, we have supported Tae Gil and Wha Jin Lee who have been ministering to the visually handicapped in Manila, Philippines since 1995.

IMA has expanded its missionary areas into South America and Africa. We have provided wheelchairs for the disabled in Peru, and supported preschool education,

tree‐planting campaigns, irrigation developments for the source of water, and Jesus' Disciple Training Program in Africa.

IMA will become especially devoted to spreading the Gospel to our neighbors in the areas of the world where individuals are isolated from their society. We hope that our Christian brothers and sisters will pray and support our mission overseas.


Registered Agencies




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